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Where quality and service delivery are cultivated.

Our story

Samgro is a wholesale nursery that exclusively supplies to nurseries, garden centres, retail groups, plant brokers and landscapers.

We serve clients country-wide, as well as internationally, with exports to the UK, Middle East, the Netherlands, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho and the USA.


Established in 2002, Samgro is rooted in the fertile soils of Wellington in the Western Cape. Initially, we only grew and supplied seedlings – but the business has grown exponentially, and we now also grow herbs and succulents, potted flowers, and even Christmas trees!

3 000 000

Currently, we grow of more than 700 different species that add up to more than 3,000,000 plants annually.

Our goals don’t include “being the biggest wholesale nursery”, but rather “being the wholesale nursery known for outstanding quality and excellent service”.

Our planet

At Samgro, we do everything in our power to minimise our impact on natural resources. We have solar panels installed, that takes care of about 10-20% of the electricity we use, depending on the season. We also recycle all of the plants we discard, and turn them into compost to aid in the growth of new plants.

We have four dams on the property that we use for collecting irrigation water – but our main source of water is the Berg River. We pump water from the river into dams, and then onto a purification process that includes various filters, UV treatments, etc. to make the water more suitable for irrigation purposes.

We are also working together with some of our biggest customers and suppliers to find sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging solutions to minimise the use of single-use plastics.

It’s everyone’s responsibility to look after
our wonderful planet.

Our people

We provide employment to around 60 staff members from local communities. We’re committed to creating a good, fair, reasonable working environment – and our staff can vouch for that. We also employ a number of seasonal workers each year.

Our process

Because we’re a wholesale nursery, we have two pre-determined routes we follow when it comes to growing and supplying.

We grow plants on a contract basis for a number of big clients. Species, seasons, lead times and quantities are discussed in exceptional detail before contracts are signed and the process is started. We have a base of loyal clients with whom we have built wonderful relationships over the years, and we look forward to starting ours with you!

Want to find out more about contract growth, or become a client?

We have a selection of plants we grow as standard. Each month we send a list to our subscribers, to keep them in the loop as to which plants are available, and how many. Clients can then fill in an order form, and we will get back to them with confirmation or further information. Not in South Africa? CLICK HERE to request a quotation.
Please note that we do not offer our own delivery service, but we do work with a reliable courier service that is available at the client’s cost. Clients are also welcome to collect their orders.

Species list

At Samgro, we grow a variety of plant species.
Click below to discover our catalogue.

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Abelia francis mason
Abelia grandiflora
Acer Buergerianum
Acocanthera oppositifolia
Acorus golden edge
Acorus Golden Edge
Aeonium arboreum Green
Aeonium arboreum var atropurpureum
Aeonium arboreum var atropurpureum cv 'Schwarzkopf"
Agapanthus Getty White
Agapanthus Peter Pan blue
Albizia forbesii
Aloe chabaudii
Aloe dyeri
Alternanthera Purple Prince
Aptenia cordifolia
Arctotis acaulis
Argyranthemum 'pink'
Artemisia ludoviciana
Asparagus nana plumosa
Azalea 'magenta'
Azalea 'nuccio's carnival'
Azalea alba
Azalea magnifica
Beaucarnea recurvata (Ponytail palm)
Berchemia zeyheri
Betula 'alba'
Betula 'alba' (Silver birch)
Blueberry 'brigitta'
Blueberry 'sharpblue'
Blueberry 'spartan'
Blueberry O'Neal
Bougainvillea Brilliant
Bougainvillea coconut ice
Bougainvillea donyo
Bougainvillea Jennifer Fernie white
Bougainvillea killie campbell
Breynia disticha
Brunfelsia floribunda
Buddleja 'davidii' dark purple
Buxus faulkner
Cactus mixed
Caesalpinea ferrea
Callistemon 'endeavour' pink
Callistemon 'endeavour' red
Camellia japonica 'Dr. Clifford parks' red
Camellia japonica 'Dr.Tinsley'
Camellia sasanqua red
Camellia sasanqua white
Canthium inerme
Carex 'evergold'
Carex evergold
Carex marrowii
Carex prairie fire
Casuarina (beefwood)
Celtis sinensis
Ceratonia siliqua (Carob)
Convolvulus mauritanicus
Coprosma marble chips
Coprosma pink splendour
Cotyledon elisae
Cotyledon elisae
Crassula ovata 'Lemon and Lime'
Cuphea mexicana cocktail
Cuphea mexicana purple
Cuphea mexicana white
Cupressus 'stricta'
Cupressus leylandii
Cupressus leylandii 'Gold Rider'
Cupressus wilma gold crest
Delonix Regia (Flame Tree)
Dipladenia 'Hot Pink'
Dipladenia pink
Dipladenia white
Dracaena aletriformis
Dracaena drago (Dragon Tree)
Duranta 'Showers'
Duranta gold
Duranta goldmine
Echeveria 'Black Prince'
Echeveria 'Blue Prince'
Echeveria peacockii
Echeveria pearl von nurnberg
Echeveria pulvinata
Echeveria pulvinata frosty
Echeveria set oliver
Echveria blue curls
Eragrostis capensis
Escallonia 'pink princess'
Escallonia 'white'
Eucalyptus cinereum
Euphorbia glitz
Euphorbia Glitz
Euphorbia tirucalli 'Firesticks'
Falkia repens
Felicia amelloides (Glenwood)
Festuca glauca
Festuca glauca
Ficus 'hawaii'
Ficus 'microcarpa'
Ficus pumila
Ficus rubiginosa
Fig parisian
Fig Toulouse
Gardenia Jasminoides
Gaura 'dark pink'
Gaura 'sparkle white'
Gaura comapct white
Gaura compact pink
Gazania New Day Red Stripe
Gazania New Day Tiger stripe mixed
Gazania uniflora (Grey leaf, white flower)
Gazania uniflora (Grey leaf,white flower)
Goji berry
Gymnosporia buxifolia
Gypsophila White
Hebe 'wiri joy'
Hebe green globe (Pot variety)
Hebe silver dollar (Pot variety)
Helichrysum cymosum
Helichrysum peteolare
Heliotropium 'royal marine'
Heliotropium white
Hibiscus 'brilliant red'
Hibiscus 'd.j.O'brien' double orange
Hibiscus Double pink
Hydrangea blue
Hydrangea macrophylla
Hydrangea pink
Hydrangea white
Ilex aquifolium variegata
Ilex green
Jacaranda mimosifolia
Jasminum polyanthum
Juncus blue dart
Juncus blue dart
Juncus spiralis twister
Juniper chinensis
Kalanchoe 'Tessa'
Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi 'Variegata'
Kalanchoe pumila
Kalanchoe tomentosa
Kalanchoe tomentosa 'Dorothy Brown'
Kiwi Bruno
Lagerstroemia indica
Lampranthus lutea
Laurus nobilis
Lavender 'margaret roberts'
Lavender 'stoechas' bandera pink
Lavender 'stoechas'bandera purple
Lavender dentata 'royal crown'
Lavendula 'stoecha' purple
Leptospermum 'big red'
Leptospermum 'cherry brandy'
Leptospermum white
Liquidamber styracifluea
Liriope big blue
Liriope evergreen giant
Lonicera nitida
Loropetalum chinense 'Blush'
Lotus berthelotti
Loxostylis alata
Mandevilla 'Alice dupont'
Mandevilla 'white'
Maroela tree
Metrosideros sunninghill
Monstera deliciosa
Mostera deliciosa (Delicious monster)
Myrtus communis variegata
Nandina 'domestica'
Nandina 'fire power'
Olea mission
Olive Coratina (Oil)
Olive Frantoio (Oil)
Olive mission (Oil/Table)
Ophiopogon japonica
Ophiopogon japonicus
Ophiopogon japonicus
Ophiopogon japonicus
Ophiopogon kyoto dwarf
Ophiopogon vittatus (variegated)
Osteospermum fruticosum
Osteospermum fruticosum
Osteospermum fruticosum
Osteospermum ricky
Osteospermum variegata
Othiolobium virgatum
Otholobium virgatum
Pandorea jasminoides 'pure white'
Pandorea jasminoides 'rosea'
Pandorea jasminoides 'rosea'
Pandorea pure white
Pavetta edentula
Pavetta lanceolata
Pecan ukalinga
Pecan ukalinga (Rapo's)
Pentas 'lanceolata' pink
Petrea volubilis 'blue'
Petrea volubilis 'white'
Philodendron selloum
Philodendron Xanadu
Photinia red robin
Phyla nodiflora (Lippia) (Daisy lawn)
Phyla nodiflora (Lippia) (Daisy lawn)
Pink trumpet vine
Pittosporum 'picturata'
Pittosporum eugenioides 'variegatum'
Pittosporum nigrescens
Platanus x acerifolia
Platycladus 'aurea nana compacta'
Plecthranthus ecklonii
Podranea brycei (Zimbabwe creeper)
Pomegranate Rumman
Pomegranate Wonderful
Populus simonii
Pratia angulata blue
Pratia angulata blue
Quercus 'nigra'
Quercus 'palustris'
Quercus 'robur'
Quercus 'suber'
Rhaphiolepis 'dark pink'
Rhaphiolepis white
Rosa 'little pink hedge'
Rosa 'little red hedge'
Rosa 'red cascade'
Rosa canina 'white' (Dog rose)
Rosa iceberg white
Rosa simplicity pink
Rosea banksiae alba
Rosea banksiae pink
Rosemary majorca
Rosemary McConnell's blue
Rosemary prostratus tony
Rosemary Tuscan blue 'barbacue'
Rudbeckia hirta Toto Gold
Russelia equisetiformis
Salvia leucantha dark purple
Salvia officinalis icterina
Sanseviera trifasciata
Schinus molle
Schotia myrtina
Searsia laevigata (dune currant rhus)
Sedum 'Autumn Joy'
Sedum 'Brilliant'
Sedum 'Matrona'
Sedum adolphii
Sedum dragon's blood
Sedum pachyphyllum
Sedum reflexum
Sedum rubrotictum
Sedum rupestre 'Angelina'
Sedum spurium 'Dragon's Blood'
Sedum x Bertram Anderson
Sedum?album 'Coral Carpet'
Serissa foetida
Solanum 'montreux'
Solanum jasminoides 'album'
Solanum muricatum (Fruit salad plant)
Solanum rantonettii 'white'
Spiraea cantoniensis
Spirea cantoniensis
Statice 'perezii' atlantis
Syzygium 'hedge-maker' (PBR)
Syzygium paniculatum (Brush Cherry,Eugenia)
Tagasaste (tree lucerne)
Tagasaste (tree lucerne)
Teucrium fruticans
Teucrium fruticans
Themeda triandra
Tibouchina elegans
Trachelospermum Jasminoides
Trachelospermum jasminoides
Trachelospermum jasminoides variegatum
Vachellia (Acacia) Nolitica
Vachellia (Acacia) Tortilis
Vetiveria zizaniodes (Vetiver Grass)
Vetiveria zizaniodes (Vetiver Grass)
Viburnum eve prince
Viburnum sinensis
Viburnum tinus compacta
Viburnum tinus lucidum
Westringia 'alba'
Westringia blue
Zantedeschia aethiopica



Do you sell single plants to the public?

No, we are a wholesale nursery with a minimum order of one tray
(128 plants) per species and a minimum overall purchase of 2 trays.

Do you deliver?

We don’t have our own delivery service, but we have a reliable courier service we use at the client’s cost. Alternatively, you are welcome to collect.

Where are you based?

We are firmly rooted in Wellington, Western Cape, South Africa.

How do I order?

Please click here and we’ll get right back to you!

Which plants can you grow?

Check out our full species list here.

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