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Samgro in conjunction with UTI couriers is able to send plants countrywide. Smaller plants are shipped in trays and packed into boxes. Larger plants are removed from their containers and carefully packed loose into boxes. The delivery time is usually two days. Export orders are packed loose in boxes to economise on space.

Although it is possible to reach every part of SA, in very remote areas it is normally only feasible to send to towns where an order can be collected from the local UTI branch. Please note the following:

  1. It is recommended that all clients are able to transplant their order within two days of receiving them.
  2. With larger orders it is beneficial to have made preparations for transplanting prior to receiving the plants. ie. plant bags are filled and packed out.
  3. The plants are able to be transplanted into full sun, but if possible, initially some shade is beneficial.
  4. Protect all young plants from severe frost.
  5. Regular watering is critical for the first two weeks. In mid-summer watering twice a day may be necessary. Thereafter keep them moist.
  6. Do not fertilise the plants within two weeks of transplanting. Thereafter do so, but remember to apply sparingly.

We have been shipping plants for the last twelve years and very seldom incur problems. However, on receipt of the plants, if you are not entirely satisfied please make contact with us within 48 hours. In order to process a claim we will require pictures of the plants and pictures of any damaged boxes (preferably prior to unpacking)